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Wine Menu

White Wine

  1. Ladera Verde Sauvignon Blanc,                       £13.95
    Valle Central, Chile
    Crisp and fresh with limey fruit, a hint of
    herbs and a twist of melon.
    125ml £2.50  175ml £3.75  250ml £5.00
  2. Amori Pinot Grigio, Venezie, Italy                 £13.95
    With a crisp, dry, lightly floral character
    and a subtle honeyed note on the finish

    125ml £2.50  175ml £3.75  250ml £5.00
  3. Blue Ridge Chardonnay,                                       £13.95
    Domaine Boyar, Bulgaria

    A fresh, crisp Chardonnay with a lemony fruit
    from the plains of the Danube.

    125ml £2.50  175ml £3.75  250ml £5.00
  4. Muscadet, Drouet Frères, France                  £16.95
    A lovely, refreshingly crisp white with all of
    the vivacity that the Loire is famous for.
  5. Tanners New Zealand Sauvignon                  £18.95
    Blanc, Marlborough, New Zealand
    A lovely, refreshingly crisp white with all of
    the vivacity that the Loire is famous for.

Rosé Wine

  1. Amori Pinot Grigio Blush,                                  £13.95
    Venezie, Italy

    Gentle fragrant summer fruits on the nose
    and delicate strawberry fruit on the palate.

    125ml £2.50  175ml £3.75  250ml £5.00

Red Wine

  1. Ladera Verde Merlot,                                              £13.95
    Valle Central, Chile

    Medium-bodied, ripe and smooth with rich
    plummy fruit laced with sweet spices.
    175ml £3.75
  2. Wide River Shirze, Robertston,                        £13.95
    South Africa

    Soft, easy red with spicy, peppery fruit and
    powerful berry flavours.
  3. Paparuda Pinot Noir,                                               £13.95
    Estate Selection, Romania

    Fresh and fruity notes of ripe cherry,
    raspberry and exotic spices.
  4. Martinfort Malbex, Sélection                             £16.95
    Belles Vignes, IGP Pays d’Oc, France
    Fresh and fruity notes of ripe cherry and
    blackberry fruit flavours.
  5. Rioja Vega Crianza, Rioja, Spain                       £18.95
    Smooth, soft, richly-fruited with spice and
    vanilla from 12 months in oak.

    Sparkling Wine & Champagne

  6. Prosecco Spumante                                                    £5.95
    Lovely peachy fruit with nice weight and a
    refreshing, juicy finish.
  7. Prsecco Spumante, Amori, Italy                      £16.95
    Aromas of pears, apples and peaches
    followed by more of the same on the
  8. Tanners Champagne                                               £39.95
    Brut Extra Réserve Spécial, France
    Elegant and complex, this is a creamy-
    textured Champagne with a medley of
    yellow fruits and toasty notes.